Brand Audit &
eCommerce UI/UX. 
I was given the opportunity to provide recommendations for the EBD brand and redesign the ecommerce experience. These are my top line recommendations that will set EBD apart, improve the ecommerce experience, and expand/grow market share for the brand within its niche.
Prior to the audit, the photographic production value was low and lacking in excitement and personality. 

Eyewear makes a statement for individuality and imagery should capture that essence with excitement. The products should empower the wearer to be free to express and celebrate themselves whether it be to feel sexy, smart, conservative, or wild and fun.  

We should see this energy within the expression of the models and admire the confidence and fun they are having expressing their personal style. Imagery should span a variety of personality types, ethnicities, expressions of style and culture.  Depth of field and color palettes should be rich and deep, doing its best to immerse us as viewers into the experience.
Minimalism and white space are a clear trend amongst eyewear ecommerce sites and it works very well.  

EBD’s font usage is subtly too cute for a lack of a better description and for me, inappropriate for the clean, Swiss design feel of the UI. A typeface should absolutely support the reading process – and clear communication is the primary goal of typography. The EBD font is quite readable and though I appreciate the thought in giving some personality to the typeface, I don’t feel this element compliments the sophistication of the UI. Avenir is a font that does not get in the way of the message it spells out and is an excellent font to communicate clearly and with impact.  
Competitor Audit
When auditing the competition of EBD, it became clear that each ecommerce eyeglass brand is targeting a segment of the industry with a strong value proposition. 
Value Proposition
EBD has no value proposition or a weak one at best. Through strong headlines clearly defining the value and quality of EBD as well as aspirational imagery that pops, and a clearly defined value proposition, we elevate the brand and securely position EBD for success.  ​​​​​​​
“At EYEBUYDIRECT we understand that your eyewear has to match the personality that is uniquely yours. Whether you desire to stand toe to toe with high end fashion trends or set yourself apart from the crowd, cementing yourself as that trend setting icon the masses admire… EYEBUYDIRECT affords you the ability to play with fashion, mix it up with multiple looks and have cash to spare.”

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