Media Hyve
Achieving motion
with form.
With today’s technology and cutting edge printing capabilities the utilization of true form has gotten lost. Graphic artists are seemingly unaware of the basic principles of form and the logos they create are actually not logos, but graphics.  

When design principles were being developed and defined by the forefathers of graphic design, the core principle of a logo was that "form follows function." When respect to that principle is given, a logo will be memorable and that symbol will brand into the brain of the consumer. 

I designed the Media Hyve logo to have a contemporary and technical look while creating a distinct visual perception of motion through the utilization of form. The logo reveal supports the function of the company and how the Media Hyve team works together to create buzz for brands. The branding and UI/UX of the website and mobile are contemporary and fun with strong visuals supporting the mission of the agency. 
Brand Guidelines
Logo Reveal
Buzz Video

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